Pretty bunny amigurumi in dress

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  • Beautiful :) I cannot get this yarn or 5ply in Australia where I am ...what other yarn could I use eg 4ply or 8 ply ? And also the hook I would need to use ...thank you so much

  • Do you have a video on how to make the wire frame for the pretty bunny in a dress. Also the thickness and where can a person purchase the wire?

  • I posted a comment however it doesn't show up. Sorry if this is a repeat. Im looking for the dress pattern with the ruffles and owl. Thank you

    • Instructions for pink and blue dresses:
      The upper part of the pink dress is crocheted the same way as others. The lower part consists of three skirts. They are knitted (not crocheted ) with garter stitches. You can crochet them using the second dress pattern (which is on the bottom of the pattern). Just make three skirts of desired length.

  • Hola buenas tardes soy de Argentina me podrian mandar la informacion en Español por favor.Muy lindo su trabajo😊

  • I bought the PDF copy and was hoping you could provide the pattern for stripe dress. I see a link in response to someone else but can't seem to get in. Thank you.

  • Hello! Bought the pdf version. I’m trying to make the multicolored dress (bodice in purple shown in pictures) would like to have that pattern if possible! Thank you!

  • Hi im having hard understand
    Lace. Skirt graphic. 4 Treble in one stitch or 4 in each next stitch.

  • Oh, these bunnies are so cute. Thank you so very much for sharing the patterns for others.

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