Hearty Giraffe amigurumi pattern

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  • I have never made an amigrumi of any kind, just blanket/scarfs/hats...for 25 yrs! Would LOVE to make this. Is this considered easy to make? I'm not a beginner, but most definitely not advanced. TIA

  • Holaa cuanta lana lleva?? Soy nueva y aun no me hago una idea de cuanto lleva.. me encantaaa. Desde ya muchas gracias..

  • I really enjoyed making this lovely giraffe. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

  • Do you have a picture of the back of the head once it’s sewn onto to the body. I feel like the extra rows on the body will look like a flap on the back of the head?

  • Thank you to much for these pattern. I buy on shop Amirurumi Today, i'ts cute! I leave in Paris, France, Europe!

  • Hello, I wanted to thank you for such a cute (and free) pattern! It was easy to understand and it was really fun to make for my friend's daughter as her birthday is coming up. I also wanted to show you what I ended up with since I changed the color scheme and added a border around the heart: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/irisamiller/hearty-giraffe-by-amigurumi-today

    The only "trouble" I had was with the placement of the head, as I think she's looking too far up (I lined up the back of the head with the top of the neck), but since I am planning on making a giraffe for myself later, I can certainly make sure she's looking more "towards the front" then up :)

    Thank you again! <3

  • Hi:
    I am having a real problem with the heart...rows 14 through 22 of the body....This is my second attempt and it's just not lining up....

  • Great and so easy to do the best part for me was joining the head to the neck worked out perfect 😊

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