Hearty Giraffe amigurumi is a wonderful gift for any occasion! It’s easy to make and gives a wide field to experiment with its variations. To crochet this hearty giraffe amigurumi you will need: Yarn of 3 colors: milk, red (or purple), pink (or light-purple) 2 mm crochet hook or another one that is suitable for your yarn Black beads or half-beads for eyes Fiberfill for stuffing Sewing needle and scissors Hearty Giraffe amigurumi pattern (Free crochet pattern) Abbreviations: ch = chain sc = single crochet inc = increase dec = decrease Total number of stitches is given in square brackets. Body: Stuff the body with hollow fiber as you go. Rnd 1: 6 sc in a magic ring Rnd 2: (inc) repeat 6 times [12] Rnd 3: (sc in the next st, inc) repeat 6 times [18] Rnd 4: (sc in the next 2 st, inc) repeat 6 times [24] Rnd 5: (sc in the next 3 st, inc) repeat 6 times [30] Rnd 6: (sc in the next 4 st, inc) repeat 6 times [36] Rnd 7: (sc in the next 5 st, inc) repeat 6 times [42] Rnd 8: (sc in the next 6 st, inc) repeat 6 times [48] Rnd 9: (sc in the next 7 st, inc) repeat 6 times [54] Rnd 10-13: sc in all 54 st. Rnd 14: The heart is crocheted in this round. Crochet 11 sc with milk color, 1 sc with red color, 42 sc with milk color [54] Rnd 15: 10 sc with milk color, 3 sc with red color, 41 sc with milk color [54] Rnd 16: 9 sc with milk color, 6 sc with red…

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  • This is advertised as a free pattern, yet I am not able to access it. I love giraffes and want to make this for a friend, but I think it is unfair that it is advertised as "free" yet the only way to get it is to get a PDF.

    • Hi Kath 🙂 You can use online versions of the patterns for free on our website and mobile app. PDF version itself is not free. Because it takes a lot of time to prepare the patterns. So, in spite of this fact all people who can’t pay for PDF patterns can view them on the website and make wonderful toys. Hope for your understanding 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for the pattern it's amazing, but I have a Lil' problem with how to assemble the part of the doll, can you help me?

  • I am almost ready to assemble the giraffe. Is there a side view of the head you could send so I know where to place head and ears etc. Love this pattern! Can’t wait to have it all done

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      Please don’t distribute these amigurumi patterns or parts of them in any way. You may not translate in other languages or resell the patterns or alter them and claim them your own.

  • Can you please tell me the quantity of yarn in each colour is required. I’m using 4ply yarn cotton and acrylic mix.

  • What kind of yarns that used for this giraffe? Can I used polyester? And how many yarns you need to make the body?

    Thank you

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