Hearty Giraffe amigurumi pattern

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  • Im haveing prob with my giraffe body, do u have a video for me to see, I am trying 2 days now it to smal long and not fat and rond, 1st timer reading a patten plz help

  • Hi,
    I cant thank you enough for your website and patterns......free ones as well as the ones I am happily to pay for as the price is very reasonable and the instructions are extremely detailed.
    I have just finished the Hearty Giraffe. I used Lily Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton.......which I think is 10ply. It has turned out brilliantly a lot bigger than the one in your photo, a perfect loveable Giraffe gift for a little 2 year old girl (in my case) or boy.

  • Does the purchased pattern include the directions for the boy and girl giraffe, shown in the FaceBook post?

      • Will they become available?
        A friend would like the boy, for her due next week, grandson.
        I'm sure I can figure it out, but would prefer not to. :)
        Is the sweater part of the body or is it a seperate piece?
        How did you make the tie?

  • Thanks for sharing. Mommy to be wanted a giraffe, after hours of looking over patterns this was by far the easiest to read and crochet.. So cute!!!!! Thanks for your kindness to share...

  • I'm 4 months pregnant and just finshed a blanket am gonna make the giraffe now using the cream lemon and mint colours. I think it will be the perfect welcome home present for when baby is born x thanks for the pattern x

  • I have never made an amigrumi of any kind, just blanket/scarfs/hats...for 25 yrs! Would LOVE to make this. Is this considered easy to make? I'm not a beginner, but most definitely not advanced. TIA

  • Holaa cuanta lana lleva?? Soy nueva y aun no me hago una idea de cuanto lleva.. me encantaaa. Desde ya muchas gracias..

  • I really enjoyed making this lovely giraffe. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

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