Free amigurumi doll in snowman outfit pattern

Free Amigurumi Snowman Doll Crochet Pattern By Amigurumi Today

Free Amigurumi Doll In Snowman Outfit Crochet Pattern

Perfect as Christmas gift, giveaway and stocking stuffer, this amigurumi doll in snowman costume makes cute, festive and affordable addition to your holiday essentials. And it definitely won’t melt, no matter how much you or your little ones hug it!

Crochet it today with our Amigurumi Doll in Snowman Outfit Pattern! Online version is free!

To make this amigurumi doll you need:

Skill level: intermediate

The finished amigurumi doll is about 14 cm (5.5″) tall. Please pay attention that size of your crochet doll can be different, if you use thinner or thicker yarn.

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17 thoughts on “Free amigurumi doll in snowman outfit pattern”

  1. loved making it but is there a way to make it a girl?
    this pattern

    1. I made a little girl, but don’t see a way to upload a picture. I embroidered a nose and mouth, then I put blush on the cheeks. On round 19 of the snowman hat I did front loops only, then tied yarn to the back loop to give the doll a little hair.

  2. I love all your amigurumi doll patterns! I love making those little dolls and have adapted the pattern to make other kinds, but also love when you come up with new ones, like this snowman. I made a cute one in a polar bear outfit, a tiger, and others. If you would like to have the patterns or see them let me know. I’d love to share them because I appreciate that these are shared for free.

    1. Pearl, how were you able to download the free ones? I can’t figure it out. I just bought two Easter ones and the Minion Girl.

  3. I have bought three of the patterns. Over time I have gotten emails to download a free pattern but have never been able to figure out how to do. I click on the “Download PDF” button and it goes to the patterns to buy. Can you explain to me how to get those please?

  4. Hello,

    What an amazing website you have! I am making amigurui to donate to children at hospitals! I do have people sending request for orders, which all the proceeds goes back into buying materials and patterns. I am wanting to view the patterns for this Snowman Outfit pattern, but I do not see the partner on the web/app version. I only see the material list. Is the pattern not available anymore? Thank you

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