Tips and tricks

How To Avoid Gaps When Making Amigurumi

Have you ever been crocheting a super cute amigurumi doll and gotten frustrated by the gaps that form between stitches? Perhaps you’ve resorted to sewing the holes up after finishing …

Choosing the best yarn for amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese style of needlework in which you crochet small stuffed creatures and figures. These creatures are often cute animals, but they can range to almost any subject …

Choosing the best crochet toy stuffing

So you’ve finished crocheting the base pattern for your amigurumi doll, good work! Now all that remains is deciding how to stuff it. You might not think stuffing for toys …

How to determine your crochet skill level

In order to best assess your own skills when it comes to crochet, you’ll need to understand what each different skill level entails. There are four different crochet skill levels, …

Basic crochet stitches tutorial: how to crochet

This tutorial shows basic crochet stitches in details. With it help you’ll learn how to crochet the stitches you need to create amigurumi toys and many other crochet projects. Every …
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