Crochet snowman amigurumi pattern

Little crochet snowman amigurumi pattern

Crochet snowman amigurumi pattern free

Here is another gift idea for Christmas – cute snowman amigurumi dressed in bright striped winter hat and mittens. Crochet snowman will appeal to both adults and children, and will take pride of place under the Christmas tree!

To crochet snowman you will need:

  • 100% acrylic yarn, 50 g / 200 m
  • A little bit of Alize Softy yarn for winter cap edge
  • 2.5 mm crochet hook
  • Seed beads and buttons for decoration
  • Safety eyes or beads
  • Thick cardboard, scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle

Skill level: intermediate

Crochet snowman amigurumi pattern

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79 thoughts on “Crochet snowman amigurumi pattern”

  1. Your snowman is gorgeous! Thank you for generously giving us a free pattern, you are so talented. I’m already digging through my stash for wool to do your design justice.

  2. Your pattern is adorable but why share it on a website that you cannot print or download or even copy? Do I have to sit at my computer to crochet it???

    I make dolls and toys for the children’s hospital. Will you please share it in a way that I can use?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi, help! I’m just starting the leg. I’m a bit confused on row 1 after “turn”. Can you please explain.thank you

      1. Hi I understand that bit but after it says “sc in the next 3 stitches”. What about the rest of the row? It says I should then have 12 stitches. Am I missing something??

        1. Hi Karen, If you follow the pattern you’ll get 12 st in first round of the leg. Instead of the last stitch in the round you should make sl st to join the beginning.

          1. Hello,

            Thanks for the beautiful pattern! I am making it for christmas, but I am also stuck on the first round of the leg after ‘turn’. Because if I do that, I have 9 stitches in total with 3 ‘on top’ of the row of 9 and I can’t join them. I don’t get 12 stitches. I think it is the same problem Karen has. Can you please explain this for me? Thanks in advance!

          2. Hi Kim, did you make sc in next 3 st on the opposite side of the chain after the word “turn”? 9+3=12 stitches. I think you didn’t follow all the instructions for the Rnd 1 till the word “Rnd 2”. Note that this is not the Row, but the Round. You should get an oval.

          3. Thank you! I didn’t understand that I had to make the 3 stitches on the ‘bottom’ of the chain. I get it now!! Thanks

          4. Thanks Kim,that’s exactly the problem I had. I Didn’t realise “turn” meant carry on in the bottom of the chain. Thanks for all your help. And thanks amigurami today for the lovely pattern. Xx

  4. Karen je zou het patroon in het nederlands kunnen vertalen je “moet” het rustig door lezen en het staat echt goed beschreven wat je moet doen alle rondes worden goed uitgelegd vind ik , en je moet het steeds herhalen wat er staat rustig lezen dan “valt”t kwartje van zelf wel ( of het is nog wat moeilijk voor je dat je misschien net begonnen ben met haken )

    1. Het was niet helemaal helder omschreven. Dus ik vind jouw opmerking niet gepast, op het bitchy af. Als iemand om hulp vraagt met het haken, kun je ook iemand helpen ipv afkraken.

  5. Your patterns are simply fabulous and creative and i have got hooked to it. 🙂
    The challenge I am facing this time is with the legs

    Would it be possible to make a video of only legs. A demo would be great as that is the only part that i am facing challenges

  6. Der Schneemann ist allerliebst so was von niedlich aber wie bekomme ich den Mützen Rand fertig gestellt vielen Dank Im vorraus Sonja

  7. What weight is the yarn for this pattern? I’m thinking it has to be something thin since the hook size is so small but wasn’t sure which yarn to use.

    1. This is a super fine yarn (4 ply). But you can use the yarn of bigger weight. Note, that your toy will be bigger too in this case.

  8. OMG This little guy is too sweet! And really easy to make. I really appreciate all the work you put in with this pattern. I can crochet, but don’t have the first clue on how to create things like this. Thanks again for sharing!!

  9. I do not understand how to make the feet. I have tried do you have a tutorial or something i will understand

  10. This is the cutest snowman I ever have seen. I crochet and knit and don’t think I should have a problem. Can you tell the names of the colors used by Alize Softly yarn and where to buy the yarn. Thank you for your generous pattern.


  11. I love this little snowman. I have it all done except for the legs. I am not understanding the first round. It’s not making sense to me. Would it be possible to get a picture of the bottom of the feet?

      1. Hello, I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns. This Snowman is so adorable. Your directions are so easy to follow . I really enjoyed your patterns over any others I found. I have made 4 of your lovely patterns. And hope to make more. Thank you again.

  12. Very lovely snowman! So cute! I was wondering how long the chain for the scarf should be? Otherwise a very good to follow pattern. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    For the fuzzy jarn, I’m going to use Phil Douce (by phildar).

    1. Do you have any instructions for sewing the snowman together? It is absolutely lovely and the pattern for the pieces I’ve completed are really good.

  13. This little guy is adorable. I can’t wait to make him! I have a couple questions concerning the hat. The pattern indicates it’s all made from sc, but it looks like there may be some rows of another stitch in your hat. I’m not sure? Second question is regarding the fuzzy trim. I know I need to get some fuzzy yarn, but what stitch did you use with it to get the effect you got? I’ve never used it before so I don’t know how it works up with particular stitches.

    Thanks for your help and thank you for this pattern. I’m so excited to make this little snowman.

  14. Super sweet pattern. I love the shoes.
    I believe your nose should be 8 and 10 sts, after the increases instead of 9 and 11.
    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

  15. Hi! I am trying to download the free snowman pattern. I click on the box thst popped up and said download pdf version now. It takes me to a different snowman in the shop which is not free. I searched for this snowman in the shop and it is not free. Am I doing something wrong or the offer isn’t available anymore? If it’s not then you should change that on yhe page. TY

    1. Hi Maria 🙂 You can use online versions of the patterns for free on our website and mobile app. PDF version itself is not free. Because it takes a lot of time to prepare the patterns. So, in spite of this fact all people who can’t pay for PDF patterns can view them on the website and make wonderful toys. We don’t hide the instructions. Hope for your understanding 🙂

  16. I would gladly pay for the PDF version but it is nowhere to be found. Can you please tell me where to find it. I click on download PDF and it takes me to your website but it isn’t on there.

    1. Please don’t distribute these amigurumi patterns or parts of them in any way. You may not translate in other languages or resell the patterns or alter them and claim them your own. However, you are more than welcome to sell finished crochet toys made with the help of our patterns, giving a credit to our website, but no more than 50 items per month 🙂

  17. Je ne comprends pas le rang 7 de la jambe (dec) répéter 7 fois ms dans les 5m suivantes (dec) répéter 3 fois sur le talon ms dans les m suivantes

  18. Medicine bottle caps filled the feet perfectly without need to stuff and made for a very rugged surface and tapered sides.

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