African animals

Naughty monkey amigurumi pattern

Meet a playful naughty monkey Bobo! He likes to play with kids and make new friends. You can carry this amigurumi monkey wherever you go or just use him as …

Naughty giraffe amigurumi pattern

To create naughty giraffe amigurumi you’ll need: 1. Yarn YarnArt Jeans, color 35 2. Yarn YarnArt Jeans, color 50 3. Yarn YarnArt Jeans, color 47 4. Yarn YarnArt Jeans, color …

Hearty Giraffe amigurumi pattern

Hearty Giraffe amigurumi is a wonderful gift for any occasion! It’s easy to make and gives a wide field to experiment with its variations. To crochet this hearty giraffe amigurumi …
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