Baby penguin amigurumi pattern

Meet funny amigurumi baby penguins! These little guys love wearing colorful winter hats and scarfs. The height of finished toy is 12 cm without hat, and 16 cm with hat. To crochet baby penguin amigurumi you’ll need: Alize Cotton Gold yarn of desired colors Some YarnArt Merino De Luxe for pompom and scarf fringes 2.0 mm crochet hook Stuffing: fiberfill, poly pellets or glass pellets for weight (optional) Black beads or safety eyes Sewing needle Skill level: intermediate Baby penguin amigurumi Free crochet pattern Abbreviations: sc = single crochet st = stitch inc = increase (2 sc in one stitch) dec = decrease (2 sc together) sl st = slip stitch hdc = half double crochet ch = chain Note: Parts are crocheted in a spiral. Stuff only head, body and beak. Mark beginning/end of the round with a yarn marker, pin or contrast yarn scrap. Wing (make 2): Rnd 1: 6 sc in a magic ring [6] Rnd 2: (inc) repeat 6 times [12] Rnd 3: (sc in the next st, inc) repeat 6 times [18] Rnd 4: (sc in the next 5 st, inc) repeat 3 times [21] Rnd 5-12: sc in all 21 st [21] Fold the wing in half and close the opening by crocheting 10 sc through both layers. Leg (make 2): Rnd 1: 11 sc in a magic ring [11] Rnd 2-4: sc in all 11 st [11] Fold in half and close the opening by crocheting 5 sc through both layers. Beak: Rnd 1: 6 sc in a magic…
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  • Thank you for making this available for free! These are adorable and larger than I imagined from my first view. That's a good thing because my grands love them!

  • I just made one of these for my penguin-obsessed sister. There are some small changes I had to make to get the penguin to more closely match the picture. Otherwise, the pattern was fairly easy to follow, and I know my sister will adore this little penguin. Thank you for providing this pattern for free!

  • I love these , they are so cute 🐧🐧,also a very easy patten to follow .Thank you for all you fantastic pattens ❤

  • I finished this pattern last night and I am so happy with the result. I've named my little baby penguin Percy and I am absolutely in love! He turned out much bigger than I was expecting haha. The pattern was well written and easy to follow.
    I would like to try making a larger one in the future using chunkier yarn and a bigger hook. For now though I think I will try making little Percy some other clothes! :)
    Thank you for your amazing work!

  • I love the free patterns but there is no print button & it won't copy & paste. I was hoping to make all kinds of the animals (if not too hard) then donate them for TOYS FOR TOTS at Christmas & some to children in the hospital.

  • thanks for your wonderfull free patterns , they are fun to make, the penquin is so adorable that all my children have made requests i just cant crochet fast enough thaks again for easy instuctions

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